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Dojo partners have been delivering innovation in the Telecommunications and Wireless industries for 21+ years and have delivered high visibility products, services, and strategies for Operators around the world. Dojo has earned the trust of senior Telco executives, line of business owners, and product teams to transform subscriber-facing services and create new revenue. Dojo’s Telecommunications practice is based on a long, successful track record of executing hundreds of engagements in Operator strategic planning and service innovation.

Softbank is a former client of Dojo Partners
AT&T are a former client of Dojo Partners
Verizon is a former client of Dojo Partners
T-Mobile is a former client of Dojo Partners
Xfinity Mobile is a former client of Dojo Partners
British Telecom is a former client of Dojo Partners

Dojo Partners helped Comcast Xfinity to modernize their digital account services experience and led a $3b initiative to transform their online experience. We designed a “frictionless account services” workflow that set new high scores for customer attach, revenue and NPS score. Additionally we led the recommendation to move their wholesale network solution from Sprint to Verizon and to modernize their hosted care solution to Zen Desk among other strategic vendor selections. 


Mobile is changing.

and mobile operators must change with it

Zero Click Membership is a Dojo Partners Solution
Introducing zero-click enrollment for membership programs and e-commerce

Facial recognition using decentralized biometrics and fully homomorphic encryption is the most convenient and secure username and password your users will ever experience.

AT&T Stadium project Dojo Partners Telecom
AT&T is a former client of Dojo Partners

Deep-rooted legacy

Dojo Partners have led many strategic initiatives in collaboration with AT&T ranging from consumer to business, to device, to messaging developer ecosystem strategies and others. 

T-mobile is a former client of Dojo Partners

Digital voice

Dojo Partners worked closely with T-Mobile to create an effective digital voice for its mobile design language, creating a consistent brand signature to reinforce T-Mobile's distinct position in the market. 

Verizon is a former Client of Dojo Partners

The works

Dojo Partners have led numerous digital initiatives for Verizon from consumer services design to platform development and IoT implementation. 

Forward vision

Dojo Partners collaborated with the GSMA to develop the framework for a new value ecosystem for global operators: This strategy considered the role of federated identity, extensible ecosystem platforms, tokenization of virtual currency and membership benefits among other initiatives. 

GSMA is a former partner of Dojo Partners
Docomo is a former client of Dojo Partnesr


Dojo Partners collaborated with a national consortium of Japanese operators to reinvent their services offerings to more closely emulate the value their subscribers were realizing from We Chat.  Dojo Partners helped them reframe their digital offerings with mobile initiatives and partnerships with content partners.

virtual theme park planning streaming tv production human centered healthcare better commerce through research virtual life of teenagers making government sexy again scaling content platforms...

This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: helping them to compete and grow in an all digital world.

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