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Increasing team performance


Dojo digital experts add to team and leadership depth. We can augment existing initiatives, write new ones and educate your team on new tools and methods.


Delivering Effective Solutions

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Our work matches established, well tested solutions with like opportunities in your planning. Our use cases ensure maximum effecitveness.
We view game changing technology such as AI, as a 'how'. At Dojo, we start with the 'why.' We take square aim your business challenges and design technology to help you achieve them. 


High Performance Business Outcomes

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One flexible, extremely cost effective, reloadable bucket of hours that provides access to just the right amount of impossible-to-find skill sets: from executive thought leaders to analysts to production and development. And move them around when you need them. 

We see transformation as an insidejob

The time when clients hand over transformation assignments to outside agencies is over. Organizations must not only closely collaborate with outside help, they must learn to operate the digital business transformation it is helping to design.


That's why Dojo Partners uses Team IQ+ configurations of specialty teams who work closely with internal organizations to help them translate and execute digital transformation strategy into successful initiatives and into a new way of doing business.  Because that's the goal of transformation.





Team orientation, education on new technologies





Project organization execution and orchestration


Deployment of speciality teams, talent for execution

Opportunity mapping, initiative charters and planning


Our goal is to raise digital IQ across internal organizations



Dojo Partners are capable of deploying small and large teams depending on the mission. From strategic planners to developers and all roles in between. We add specialists to existing internal teams. We are also called upon to deliver targeted projects - end to end. Our team members' resources and extensive talent, experience and the cohesion of their work with internal teams and/or with each other make our clients' initiatives successful.

We capitalize on  business opportunities with ready-made solutions

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Zero Click Membership creates a simple, compelling experience for e-commerce registration and membership enrollment.



We look at all new, enabling technologies through one common lens: why?

Dojo Partners ask the same question for every technology used: "Why?" That's why we focus more on the impact of new technologies than the technology itself. 

virtual theme park planning streaming tv production human centered healthcare better commerce through research virtual life of teenagers making government sexy again scaling content platforms...

This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: helping them to compete and grow in an all digital world.

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