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Dojo’s strategy, design, and technology teams have reimagined what computing can look like when it is brought from the 2D screen into a 3D world by unlocking data's true nature through immersive experiences.

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XR in Healthcare


Matt Witkamp

Customer Experience

With emerging immersive technologies we have new computing form factors that allow us to consume and leverage data in ways that we havn't been able to do before.

Giving x-ray vision to surgeons

We have, with the Microsoft HoloLens. Our goal was to see if the HoloLens could be used to help surgeons in preparation for surgery. With the HoloLens, we were able to map MRI data to the body of a patient and show the size and location of the tumor. It’s like giving surgeons superpowered vision! One of the unique challenges that we overcame was maintaining a high level of accuracy for a device that is intended to be used at room-scale. We created the user experience for a technology and form factor that had yet to be released.

Unlocking data's true nature

By rendering our healthcare data new ways we are able to uncover insights and understandings that are able to improve the healthcare experience. The Dojo team has been able to realize improvements across many aspects of healthcare from improving surgical outcomes to improving and accelerating education and training in healthcare.


XR in Automotive


Virtual automotive training

Bullet points in a presentation deck are a thing of the past with today's immersive technologies. The Dojo team has created a variety of VR, AR, and MR experiences for major automotive OEMs that allow sales staff to use HoloLens or Magic Leap to view, walk around, and interact with full-sized virtual vehicles. Instead of a list of features and text descriptions, users are able to see the features in action with the virtual vehicle. 

Whether it's training sales associates, or technicians in the service bay, Dojo has leveraged the latest virtual technologies and integrated them with the learning management systems standard throughout the industry.


XR in Aviation


Virtual aviation training and maintenance

We created an immersive learning experience to train pilots how to do a preflight check on both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft using the Microsoft HoloLens. Pilots in training are able to view and interact with life-sized aircraft in order to improve engagement, accelerate learning. and improve retention.

In addition to the immersive pilot training applications, we have also created immersive experiences for maintenance crews to visualize complex systems, such as turbines, with immersive technology.


XR in Energy


Virtual for hazardous environtments

We have leveraged immersive technologies in industries such as nuclear power where safety is of paramount importance. With immersive technology, we have the advantage of training technicians in virtual environments rather than hazardous ones.

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