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Creating new growth for the new normal


How are We a Different Kind of Consulting Company?

We are building platforms and solutions in emerging technologies that are shaping the next wave of enterprise value and growth in Entertainment, Medical, Defense, Telecommunications and Finance.


We decided it was time for a new consulting model.

We are veterans of Big Four consulting houses, elite agencies and Fortune 50 executives. The one thing we all have in common is expertise. We are all leaders, craftspeople, story tellers and innovators. The only thing that's different is we don't charge seven figures to create vision ware. We get right to work creating business models and use cases. We wanted to create a different kind of company for ourselves and we thought we may as well give our customers different choices while we were at it. So we did. 


We are talking Operator Tokenomics

Join us at the 2022 Mobile World Congress at Barcelona


We are technology artists


We have a 360 degree approach to retail innovation

We think of technology as art and create beautiful experiences with it. We see the retail world through "phygital" lenses; bringing together augmented and virtual reality with holograms to add excitement and intrigue to in-store experiences. We see the physical retail store as one spoke in a connection of ecosystems and environments such as virtual reality, the metaverse, and token-based commerce all revolving around the virtual twin of the customer. 


We take radical steps to create new Enterprise value

We plan. We architect. We design. We build. We Market. (Just not necessarily in that order)

We live in a non-linear world and we treat our process and practice the same way. Design thinking has evolved to plan for a platform/service/product as a dynamic, living solution and so that's how we think about it. We market up front, we design with data and systems, we rapid prototype and battle test them in real-time, we look for adjacent market opportunities while we build. Our goal is to create a rich, progressive and future-proof solution that will adapt to the market.


Quantitative Gathering

Segment Analysis

Abstract Segmentation

Real-time Feedback

BI Measurement & Analysis

Data-Driven Design
Collaborative Realization

Digital Strategy

Customer Experience

Rapid Prototyping

Market Analysis

Product Design & Dev


Corporate Venture Lab

M&A Brokerage

Investment & Equity

New Services

Partnership Ecosystem

Market Adjacencies


We are Cloud-First, Metaverse Friendly

Industry Chassis
Living Data
The digital user 
Ecosystem Connectors
Managed Services

We are creative technologists. And strategists. And artists. We apply design thinking to platform architecture to create connected, cloud-centric use cases that link industries and ecosystems to the digital twin of consumers.

Applying New Technologies Across Industries


Biometric Sensors

Beacons collect real-time analysis of foot traffic through facial recognition, gate, gender weight, and other physical traits. This is just one example of how Dojo is helping to change the face of retail.


Healthcare Solutions

Dojo combines the full arsenal of digital, mobile, augmented reality and virtual reality to help health care providers contact their customers in new ways that is healthier and more profitable.


IoT Commerce

In the world of connected everything, commerce is fundamentally changing before our eyes. See how Dojo looks at the emerging world of commerce driven by IoT, kinetic data, ad beacons and more.


DE-FI Revenue Platforms, Drone Networks, Augmented Entertainment, Crypto television, 3rd Generation Cloud use cases, Med-tech and NFT Marketplaces...

This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: bring 21st Century growth models to every industry.

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