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increase in production bandwidth,
lower resource cost, faster releases

and fewer errors

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// dojo solutions

More than a cost center

Digital publishing is not always, in itself, a revenue center; it's a commitment. Your company is committed to maintaining a dynamic, active and digital presence across multiple platform, devices, production environments and even countries. When your business is digital it must be able to respond as quickly as digital demands. And as your digital domain expands, the cost of staying agile, current and dynamic increases. But cost constraints work the other way and can keep your production team limited and often force major initiative and content compromises. Until now.


The business case for automation

Figma provides a great degree of flexibility and publishing power, but even that has its limitations. Dojo Partners has tokenized Figma and, using AI created a closed loop environment in which content and design updates can be fluidly translated into real time code. This provides increased production, flexibility, lower costs and lower test times. In other words, you can now do way more with less resources. Digital Automation enables you to think and act truly digital while saving costs and achieving the kind of results a digital environment demands. 

Sharpen your production environment to produce precision UX, while speeding delivery and reducing costs.

Imagine a Shared Space for Technical Strategy and Collaborative Iteration that accelerates UX production, creating a nimbler, more reactive development environment.

  • Manage UX change globally—a faster way to manage and update dynamic user experiences

  • One source of ‘truth’ through an automated design system

  • Version control within the design process

  • Improved status visibility across teams

  • Synchronized with your ALM tool (e.g., Jira)

  • Automated propagation of styles and properties, digestible into Dev codebase

  • Allows Dev to align early and build components in parallel

Why Digital Automation is a difference maker

Digital Automation modernizes your tools, transforms your production environment, streamlines your development process and empowers your team; saving time and cost while increasing productivity twofold. 

Develop with more confidence in the outcome, reduce inherent friction and pain points, reduce errors while increasing publishing quality.


Increase the velocity of design work and production work with a more flexible environment




Reduce the time and cost of design updates even well into development with tokenized wireframes and code
Reduce development, UAT time and cost creating a more flexible environment and less rigid design deadlines




Better brand consistency and compliance for digital properties

Here's what it's like building a new website using exsting branding and tokenized code libraries.

Rapid proof-of-concepting

Digital Automation helps your team build poof of concepts working with ambiguous requirements as digital properties are being created. 

Rebranding digital properties at scale

As your digital libraries grow so too does the scale of your digital experience that needs to be developed as new brand elements, design elements or tokenized components are introduced. Digital Automation helps you introduce new elements gracefully and at scale. 

Digital Automation Solution offerings

Digital Automation fits all Figma-centric production environments. We know that no two digital production environments are the same, so we have created a flexible solution that precisely designed for your business. 


So if you rely on Figma or are considering a migration, the time is right to consider how our Digital Automation solution can be the right fit for your digital business.  From analysis to staffing, we can custom-tailor and right size the ideal solution for your business. 

Systems Analysis

We will analyze your current tools, processes, integrations & environment to assess the best way to migrate to a design automation system.

Deployment & Installation

We will build a tokenized Figma instantiation of your current design system, integrated into a code repository, suitable for integration with front-end UI development workflows.

KT & Training

We will work with your design & development teams on Figma training and process adjustments to gain maximum efficiencies in time, cost & quality.

Staffing & Resourcing

If you want to augment your staffing, we can provide highly trained design & development professionals to fill resource gaps & fast ramp the new tool.



We put the I(Q) in team

Dojo Partners believe innovation is an inside job. That's why we orient our resourcing around internal teams and not service contracts. We want to help teams adapt and learn to operate the transformations they implement in their business. See how our unique teaming model can work for your business. 




Are you ready to run the numbers on a modernized and automated digital production environment?



Contact Dojo Partners for a free evaluation on the right fit for your organization.

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