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Dream. Plant. Grow. Nourish. Learn. Repeat.

FACTORY is an organic approach to designing, validating and implementing AI-driven experiences. We believe the lab is the best environment to establish AI learning and develop an efficient path to productization.

A lab environment allows AI to breath and learn from your systems and data


Stand up. Play. React. Measure. Adjust. Dojo Partners has experience working with big brands in labs to build agile solutions one POC at a time, tweaking the experience with the resulting data points.

AI is the latest technology that brands must find a way to integrate. And AI is perfectly suited for our lab methodology.

Find out more about Dojo's AI creation and engineering process.

FACTORY provides a perfect 'why not?' environment to allow AI to bear fruit creatively


A 360 degree approach to iterate and perfect experiences in-lab

FACTORY is a collaborative lab: a CAPEX funded, R&D space where internal groups can incubate how AI improves their prod…and in that environment, they can bridge a gap that exists between innovation and productization faster and for less budget. We specialize in designing, standing up, integrating, testing and scaling transformative use cases. We create 360 working POCs to bring new experiences to life, working with internal teams, external partners and existing systems…


AI can't be successful without collaboration and learning


Which AI project will end up being a difference maker for you? 

FACTORY allows you to test, measure and validate how AI works with your systems, data and platforms so you can forecast results with confidence before you scale. Contact us to schedule a free meeting today to see how you can work with AI differently and more successfully 

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This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: helping them to compete and grow in an all digital world.

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