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Artificial intelligence

Like web publishing: AI is a tool. It's a robust tool that can solve business problems, open up new experiences and marketing advantages. Success in using these technologies starts with identifying the ’why’…

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Your competitors are using AI and CV to make leaps forward in retail engagement. The biggest risk is inaction.

  • How will you use it to create new experiences in-store?

  • How would you use GPT to empower your customers?

  • How will you put customer experience algorithms to work?

  • Which manual implementations will you automate?

For all its allure and promise, AI needs to be carefully managed to play to your current strengths and increment achievable goals that make a difference.

  • Define your AI goals. Carefully choose your impact points, eliminate friction, make your KPIs clear and achievable and manage expectations over time

  • Organize your AI implementation. Be realistic with your tech stack, your teams’ strengths and the viability of the data you have.

  • Start small, scale smart. Make modest bets in the space you are already in and stick with them. Think better, faster, cheaper

  • Understand TCO over time. What are the internal resources required to scale it? How tangible is the value it creates vs margins.


Digital experiences are never 'done.' Data science, use case design, platform architecture, research and prototyping are constantly iterating and learning. It’s how we think, build, validate, adjust and launch

From user validation to TCO and back office integration, Dojo Partners work with you to stand up real AI-powered use cases with a 360 view of not only how it would be received by your audience but how it will function with your infrastructure.


Dojo Partners provides a collaborative and agile lab environment to help AI get to know your infrastructure, products and services better. We want to help you cultivate AI so it learns how to produce the results you want. We call it //FACTORY. The time to act is now. 


Dojo uses expertise in CX, emerging platform integration and generative AI to create innovative experiences that work hard for you. 

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Dojo Partners are adept at coding AI experience across different platform stacks existing in the marketplace.

// use case design

Dojo Partners can analyze different digital spaces where AI can make a difference with guests and execute POC’s for rapid testing and validation.


// case study: artificial intelligence

Helping pilots learn more one flight at a time

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We provided engineering services to develop a learning management system (LMS) deployed by the USAF. The LMS provides, a platform that integrates adaptive learning with both standard learning modules and the latest immersive technologies (VR/AR/MR) into a single cohesive experience.

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This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: helping them to compete and grow in an all digital world.

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