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Dojo Partners are helping major retailers transition into the next decade....

Dojo team members pioneered the use of biometrics and secure, personalized data in managing “real-time customer experience” both online and in-store. Covid has introduced an expectation for “frictionless” transactions where in-store and online choices have converged. How will your organization plan and execute for this new normal?

Walmart a former Dojo Partners Client
Walgreens a former Dojo Partners Client
CVS a dojo Partners former customer
Kroger a Dojo Partners former customer
Lululemon a Dojo Partners former customer
interactive retail touch screen Dojo Partners Retail

What follows retail 3.0 requires a quantum leap in planning, creativity and execution



Predictive analytics, AI, digital twinning and cloud-resident, real time transactions are necessary building blocks to create the bio-feedback loop of brand-to-consumer dialogue and service that will be the hall mark of Retail 4.0. So retail brands must become fluent in operating 3.0 tools now in order to be positioned to capture new growth in 2030.

Zero Click: Activate


Link your ultra secure membership enrollment to an activated, ready to go virtual store card.



Rethinking the Digital Wallet

Mobile wallets are making payment easier and smarter but retailers are leaving a ton of customer engagement and cash on the table. 

augmented reality glassess changing fashion industry by 2030


Fashion retail will be virtually unrecognizable in the next decade. And with the rapidly advancing and widely accessible emerging technologies, retail companies have less time than they think to prepare themselves to operate entirely different to customers who hardly resemble what they are today.

Dojo Partners published a white paper forecasting the major changes coming in Fashion Retail and how interactions with customers will radically change. 

Dojo Partners' Work in Retail Innovation Labs

Most retailers are standing up innovation centers or use case development efforts to test, rationalize and deploy overall solutions. Our team has helped major retail firms and their key consulting, cloud platform and speciality innovators discover the "power of and" by maintaining business fundamentals while future proofing for the arrival of Retail 4.0

Adidas innovation lab
Nike Innovation lab
Lululemon innovation lab
Walmart innovation lab
Kroger Innovation lab




We use decentralized biometric facial recognition to generate a sea-change in membership enrollment, activity and loyalty redemption.

T Shirt Hangers

Dojo Partners:  Retail Transformation Trends


Dojo Partners Computer Vision Retail practice
Dojo Partners Augmented and Virtual Reality for Retail
Dojo Partners Digital Wallet for Retail

In order to create the next-gen retail experience, Dojo created an advanced retail solution. Retailers are able to create a customized retail experience for users just by walking into the store through anonymous facial recognition and demographic profiling. Data is gathered through beacons and other  IoT technologies in order to provide analytics and insights to the retailers in order to provide improved levels of customer support and store optimization

Microsoft a former Dojo Partners client

In partnership with a portfolio of global retailers,  we envisioned digital sign applications that made it easy for shoppers to engage with products, try them on, and purchase while also using social media for additional marketing reach.

Lowes a former Dojo Partners Customer
Lowes a former Dojo Partners Client

Lowe’s customers are able to experience mixed reality as they view both real objects and digital hologram images through the headset, taking the guesswork out of home improvement. Customers are able to use gestures and voice to interact with their environment and easily drop Lowe’s products into the space.

Facial recognition Dojo Partners Computer Vision Retail
Kroger a former client of Dojo Partners

As customers walk into stores or even enter the location perimeter of a retail location it is now possible to begin automatically curating both the physical and digital experience for the customer.

This is creating a necessary convergence between digital and physical.

augmented reality glasses for retail shopping
Augmented Reality activated shopping environment Dojo Partners Retail
Automatic pizza vending machine in Walmart


“Basil Street Pizza” offers hot and fresh pizza from a vending machine. But this is far from any ordinary vending machine. It is designed to interact with facial recognition, mobile, and IoT devices. Medical, Canna, and other sectors are quickly being built and deployed.


Micro-Stores can quickly be designed, built, deployed, and managed vs launching a new embedded restaurant. Micro-Stores are a portable and truly mobile brand extension of brick-and-mortar stores. We recently trialed Micro-Stores on a Las Vegas Casino floor.

establishing custom pop up stores in las vegas
computer vision scanning and facial recognition


This software conducts a real-time analysis of foot traffic through facial recognition, gate, gender weight, and other physical traits. It is designed to be paired with identity authentication to create personalized, automated merchandising.

virtual theme park planning streaming tv production human centered healthcare better commerce through research virtual life of teenagers making government sexy again scaling content platforms...

This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: helping them to compete and grow in an all digital world.

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