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Initiative mapping

We partner with clients to help them charter and organize strategic initiatives as an extension of their executive team.

We provide perspective on managing priorities, budgets and dependencies with other internal departments to create a roadmap for successful transformation.

Showing initiative

Dojo Partners focuses on the identification, prioritization and orchestration of strategic initiatives that serve as the tactical efforts to realize enterprise transformation. These initiatives are focused on the most efficient way to achieve new revenue, innovate internal processes, modify go-to-market and product development approaches. We apply critical analysis to steer strategic initiatives to achieve success in adjacent markets and avoid mainline market stream saturation. 

// case study: technology platform planning

We helped Intel to transform to an IoT business.


Dojo Partners helped Intel pivot from a saturated market of providing expensive computer chips to a more economical business model of creating chips for emerging IoT devices. These chips would write data into the Intel cloud that would enable targeted micro-services that led to a transition of a new business line that now accounts for 40% of Intel revenue.

This transformation was enabled by targetd initiatives including new technology development,  go-to-market and product development efforts in the emerging IoT market place. 

virtual theme park planning streaming tv production human centered healthcare better commerce through research virtual life of teenagers making government sexy again scaling content platforms...

This is what is currently keeping us busy these days. We are actively supporting a wide variety of clients with the same goal: helping them to compete and grow in an all digital world.

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