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Dojo Powers a 1+1=3 Partnership Value Model 

Dojo is built around a flexible and opportunistic partnership models,  giving Advisory firms a wide-range of options to augment their skill sets, deploy specialized, white-label teams and increase the size and scope of their solutions across new and traditional industries. 


Digital innovation is no longer exclusive to Hi-Tech, high-Cap  companies with $1B innovation mandates. The recent advent of data transparency and cost-effective technology accessibility are pulling 21st century digital innovation into low-tech and lower-cap companies - multiplying innovation options across industries to amplify standing near and long-term growth initiatives and agendas.

Dojo not only offers digital advisory expertise across the full spectrum of Fortune 500 sectors, we offer sought-after expertise in strategizing AND executing product and service connections in emerging technologies and markets. 


Digital doesn't' just help you think broader about digital innovation, we help you execute and deliver on it. 

Dojo creates friendly entrées into new technologies and markets for partner advisory companies.

emerging tech

Dojo specializes in strategizing and deploying solutions in the emerging technology space: Blockchain, XR, NFT, crypto currency, IoT, artificial intelligence, kinetic data and beacons, holograms and microservices.

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new markets

Dojo already has nearly a decade's experience in new markets such connected auto and cannabis. We act as matchmakers to bring new industries up to speed on interacting with new markets. 


specialized verticals

Dojo has deep experience, connections and world-wide track records of success within the Telecom/TMT sectors. We have standing relationships with virtually all Tier-1 Operators around the world as well as major OEM's. As 5G asserts itself in an all connected world, Dojo is helping Operators better understand how they can add value to the enterprise ecosystem as well as their subscribers. 

Dojo has a myriad of ways it can partner and add value to Advisory firms.

End-to-End Digital Innovation

Our teams have  big-four advisory bonafides and quals to lead large to small engagements end to end.

Services Augmentation

Dojo can partner side-by side with advisory firms taking on digital scope under their leadership and strategic direction.

White-Label Execution
Technology IP & Deployment
Staff Augmentation

Dojo specializes in not only strategy but proven execution of scaled, digital experiences across the newest technologies.

Dojo has standing distribution and integration partnerships with emerging platforms and large cloud platforms.

Dojo has a flexible staffing model to augment existing digital teams across disciplines: strategy, experience, dev and go-to-market.

Dojo's commercial model is as flexible as its partnership model

 Team or Individual Rate Cards
MRR and Retainers
PaaS and SaaS IP Pricing

See a match? It's more than likely we do as well. Let's talk. 

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