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Want to slay dragons? We have the resources to make your big vision a reality.

When we see we need a heavy hitter with deep subject-matter expertise, connections and talent, we know where to look. Most of these talent have long-since set up their own shop and they like it that way. For these professionals it's about choosing what you want to work on - what you want to get done. We feel that model should be embraced. 

In the course of our engagement or in the course of surveying opportunity, we look to our network of independent giant-slayers and make it worth their while to either lead one of our engagements or bring in Dojo to fulfill one of their visions they can't go within their network. We find this model is the most conducive path to matching the right talent with the right opportunity. This is, in part, why we named ourselves Dojo Partners. It's all about the solution and the right team vs the employees. With the advent of COVID and people seeking more flexible employment, we e feel this is a model whose time has come.



We assemble teams that have incredible talent and deep subject matter expertise for different industries. This allows us to be flexible, opportunistic, and creates an overwhelming advantage at the moment when it is most impactful.

We turn network into new work.

Dojo provides pipeline and a cutting-edge work force for seriously connected executive consultants

Let's face it, you're a bad-ass and there's NO WAY we could afford to hire you. Have you heard this before? We certainly have. And that's why we created Dojo Partners for the post-COVID 21st century. We could care less where you live or where you want to work. If you are the right fit, we are in and we will make it worth your while to team with us for one engagement or to own an entire, long-running engagement cycles. We are not concerned with W2's, we want to assemble the best team available for the opportunity. Even three years ago, this model seemed undoable. Now, it's what people with serious talent and experience are looking for. 

We can plug you in to our pipeline. Or, you could plug our team into yours to provide world-class depth and cutting edge technical expertise. We see the new model as a true two-way-street...and we literally don't care about the trappings of who is the paper holders. All we care about is the work and the client's growth.

See a fit? More than likely, we do as well. Let's talk. 

Thanks for reaching outto Dojo. A representative will review your submission and get back to you in short order

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